Action Comics 990 Review

Posted October 25, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Dan Jurgens

Art by: Victor Bogdanovic, Scott Hanna

Published by: DC Comics

Oz makes matters personal for the Man of Steel!

The stakes are raised in Action Comics 990, and where the previous issue felt like filler, Jurgens manages to make the events matter again as Oz continues playing kaleidoscope for Superman with human nature. He continues to prey on what Clark is most vulnerable, and a vulnerable Superman means an interesting Superman story. Oz is trying to prey on Jon, who is what Clark cares about most: his family. It’s a success that we’ve seen in other Rebirth Superman books.

Jurgens manages to balance the action with the family drama in this chapter by not having too much exposition. The book moves at a nice pace. It promises a possible changing of the status quo, and while we have two more chapters to figure out what will come out of this, at least we know it won’t be boring.

Bogdanovic with Scott Hanna continue their exemplary work here with artwork that is somewhat reminiscent of Capullo’s, especially in the facial expressions and eyes. It adds to the gravitas to what exactly is happening and being explained on page. One of the best panels is when Superman balls up all of the nations weapons and destroys them in one fell swoop. It is an allegory for a destructive power of the human kind as well as showing just what level Superman is willing to go to protect his adopted world.

“Oz Effect” is truly shaping up to be one of quintessential Superman stories, something that could truly affect not just his family but the balance of the entire DC Universe.

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