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Please note: This comic is not out until December 10th therefore this review may contain some slight spoilers

Written By: Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire

Art By: Paolo Rivera

Publisher: Valiant

Wow. Now that is how you open up a series. The Valiant #1 is an amazingly crafted début issue filled to the teeth with most of the mainstay’s of the Valiant Universe. This début issue is the best series start in recent memory and follows Valiant’s recent trend of excellence.

As much as this review is going to be as spoiler free as possible there are a few key things that need to be mentioned. Firstly this issue revolves highly around the Eternal Warrior and his century spanning fight against a dark entity, known as The Immortal Enemy. This journey through the ages is surprisingly dark and holds a fair amount of truly scary and heart wrenching moments.

But this book is not all just depressing and dark, there truly are a number of fun interactions in the present day. These involve many of the mainstays of the Valiant universe such as Bloodshot, Armstrong, Kay and Aric to name a few. All of the characters get at least a little moment in the sun and it is a lot of fun to see these characters interact. The issue ends off on a bit of a cliffhanger and sets up a collision for all the Valiant heroes and antiheroes, one that promises to be lots of fun.

Industry heavyweights, Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire work seamlessly together, creating a very engaging issue. They really give every character that graces this issues pages their own distinct voice and no one who is left alive after the first issue is underdeveloped. There are great moments between characters, highlighted by the interaction between Kay and Armstrong which is one that I would love to see explored further. As if this wasn’t enough, The Valiant #1 requires readers to have no previous knowledge of The Valiant Universe or any of its heroes, something that is a major testament to the skill of Kindt and Lemire.

The art duties are filled out by one, Paolo Rivera, a familiar name to those who have been reading Daredevil recently. As much as Rivera’s work on Daredevil was great, his work on this issue is simply breathtaking. Rivera draws a crisp yet edgy Valiant Universe, which works superbly. His depiction of The Immortal Enemy, which The Eternal Warrior fights, is truly horrifying and causes the reader to both bask in the beautiful art and cower in fear at the same time.

The Valiant #1 launches in just over a weeks time it is clear that this is a must read series for any comic fan, regardless of whether or not they have any pre-existing knowledge of The Valiant Universe. It’s the real deal and easily one of the best issues of the year. This is the medium of comics done right and the only bad thing that I can find with this issue is that I have to wait a month to read the next one.

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