All New Captain America #1 Review

Posted November 17, 2014 by Adrienne Crean in Comic Books

Written by: Rick Remender

Art by: Stuart Immonen

Publisher: Marvel

A lot of Marvel fans have been waiting for the release of the All New Captain America #1 issue, and it has finally arrived. Readers have been dying to find out how having a Captain America that is NOT Steve Rogers will go? Will he deliver? Will it be a stupid excuse for a hero? Stupid, no. Deliver, seems to be a yes!

Sam Wilson, previously known as The Falcon, was left in charge of bearing that beautiful, shiny shield that we all know and love. Dimensional issues led Steve to have to forfeit his role as Captain America. The good thing about this issue, is we receive the favor of a nice, brief, and to the point back story. Letting readers new to the series, get caught up fast.

Remender begins issue one with Sam speaking to us about his past. About his loving father, and the hardships Sam and his siblings faced after the un-expecting deaths of both of his parents. We learn the mental struggle given to a young man of not focusing on revenge and hate, but love and hard work. However, if you’re worried about a sappy story that will make you cry the entire issue, think again, because Remender moves us on quickly.

Readers get to witness what seems to be Sam’s first or one of his first missions as Captain America. He’s deep below ground, attempting to find and get rid of the new dangerous weapon that Hydra has claimed. Immonen is on fire as each page turns faster and faster with more and more action sequences. This is one of the most impressive comics I’ve read in a while where fast action is kept up with fast dialogue. Immonen makes sure not to give us endless action scenes where you have to assume what each character is thinking, as their being punched in the face, or shot in the leg. Remender works well to deliver the perfect line each and every time.

Of course some surprise characters join in this issue, at the start, middle, and end. It’s a very full filling issue, and I truly believe Sam Wilson will be able to bring the vibe of Captain America to our eyes and hearts. Will I miss Steve? Absolutely, however, I feel that Remender has no thoughts of leaving him completely behind. The All New Captain America is here, with wings too!

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