Aphrodite IX #11 Review

Posted June 18, 2014 by Adrienne Crean in Comic Books

I would like to start off with being honest on the fact that this is the first issue I’ve read on Aphrodite IX. My overall opinion on this issue started off foggy, but ended with excitement for a new upcoming title due to be released in July.

Issue 11┬ábegins with Aphrodite having issues remembering moments and memories from her past. We quickly learn that this is because of a lot of scientific controlling things that her biological mother had implanted into Aphrodite’s brain. This recap was very helpful to a reader like me, who hadn’t been keeping up with the series. We also get thrown into a raging battle between a religious group respectfully called Genesis, fighting against a planet filled with Cyborg life. Aphrodite cannot stand the destruction of innocent life, and decides to intervene. However, Francesca, the chairwoman to the gods, has another horrible plan in mind. On top of Aphrodite’s motives to save the innocents, she runs into Mr. Burch, who she has a personal vendetta for.

This futuristic comic was beautifully written and drawn to fit that era. It had many different techs, some we can imagine in this day and age, and of course some that just blow your mind with creativity. The action sequences were done carefully and clearly, not leaving you confused as to what was happening, and Sejic had a classic but beautiful way of sketching these characters. One attribute that I loved was the fact that any explanation on past story lines, confusing or not, was recapped by Aphrodite in a simpler manner.

This issue was the last for Aphrodite IX, but it leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger that sets up for a new series, titled Aphrodite IX: Cyber Force. Get your subscription list updated, because this is a must have!

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