Batman #22 Review

Posted May 3, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Joshua Williamson & Tom King

Art by: Jason Fabok

Publisher: DC Comics

We are getting deeper into the mystery of the Button and what it actually means for our heroes.

Tom King has taken a step back in this issue for Flash writer Joshua Williamson to actually pen a script. They were before both responsible for coming up with an overlying arc of the Button, but King was always scripting the Batman issues. As the case was with the previous chapter, issue 3 starts exactly where part 2 ended, and most of the book deals with that fateful meeting that lot of Batman fans were waiting for.

It’s kind of hard to review this chapter, then, because I want to avoid spoilers. Suffice to say, that portion of the story was fantastic, and it really expanded on the lore of Batman. One specific interaction that took place between the characters was especially moving, but in the same sense, the story of the Button investigation took a backseat. Until the last couple of pages, it was mostly served as bringing those characters together. It is going to be interesting to see how it all ends in the final chapter, but it does seem like there could be a lot of ground to cover.

Jason Fabok is back on the art in this issue, and he provides some serious panels here. He is slowly becoming one of my favorite artists right now, mostly due to his character work. Being able to manage character emotions and working on the script that challenges you as an artist is a true show of talent. He only adds to what Williamson and King are doing.

This issue of Batman serves as both a small sequel to Flashpoint as well as the next chapter of the Button story. As a Batman story, #22 is probably some of this character’s finest, with fans finally getting the moment that lot of them were waiting for since since Flashpoint and the letter that was sent. Those pages were very important and could end up shaping Batman’s character going forward. As a story of Button, we will just have to wait until the next Flash to see where it goes.

Overall this was a very important chapter in Batman saga as it finally answered some key questions about his character and features a meeting that could very well change his life forever. For that sake, whoever enjoys Batman stories should read this chapter.

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