Batman #33 Review

Posted October 18, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Joelle Jones

Published by:  DC Comics

How does the first issue after the monumental events of Batman: The War of Jokes and Riddles fare? Batman lightened up?!

Tom King makes sure that Batman #33 feels like a brand new chapter of the Dark Knight saga. He does so with a choice of locale as well as the goings-on in Wayne Manor in Bruce’s absence.  Bruce and Selina are on a pilgrimage of sorts to a forbidden desert kingdom, but it is their relationship during the trip that takes a spotlight here. It is a friendly jabbing, non-brooding that shows that Bruce might have found something to brighten up his days before he has to resume the persona of the Dark Knight.

On the other side we have brotherly teasing happening at the Wayne Manor as all of the previous Robins take center stage and have a family get together. There are some nice little throwback moments here, especially for Jason’s character. What makes this interesting is that this seems to be a first issue that King has written Damian Wayne in any extended fashion.  He certainly adds to the character, and in a way that doesn’t feel like a jarring departure but more like an evolution into what the youngest Robin is becoming.

Joelle Jones does the duties of guest artist here, and her layouts  are just stellar. From the backgrounds to panel breakdowns, the entire comic  flows naturally without it ever feeling too wordy or cumbersome to go through. Jones brings the same fervor she brought to the Supergirl mini-series, and both King and the readers are richer for it.

Batman #33 looks to be a turning point of sorts, both for the Dark Knight and for the Bat Family as whole. They now have to deal with events that could essentially change their lives forever. In that sense the book succeeds, but it also succeeds in bringing a bit of light to the Dark Knight saga. There is one question though that has not been answered and it is of pressing nature: “Will Damian call Catwoman Mother?”

This issue is a very fun read and a diversion of sorts from the epic storylines King has written in the past. In that sense this book comes highly recommended and a must-read for Batman fans and also for those that wanted to get something a little different. It is not a most action packed chapter, but it is highly enjoyable.


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