Batman and Robin #40 Review

Posted March 27, 2015 by Spencer Maxwell in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi

Art by: Patrick Gleason

Publisher: DC

Batman and Robin #40 is the final issue of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s saga. The end to the series is rather abrupt, most likely to make room for the upcoming DC event, Convergence. It feels like a waste as it seemed like the comic had much more room to expand.

The issue follows Batman and Robin joined by the Justice League to fight off a monstrous creature before it reaches Japan. Damian Wayne is finally able to test the limits of his powers in an environment without any casualties.  We also get to see the concern of Bruce as he is unsure how to deal with his child’s excessively powerful new-found abilities.

Peter Tomasi understands when to let the dialogue take a breath so the art can tell the story. He presents Damian in a charming and funny way through his strong sense of arrogance. The more poignant moments of the comic show the reconnection between a father and son after the return of Damian’s life. We are presented with a more personable Batman, even though he tries to not let it show.

The only thing that sticks out as a negative in this issue is how the problem of Damian’s powers are resolved. They just disappear on their own. All the tension and pondering results in conveniently not being a problem anymore.

Patrick Gleason’s art is very emotive, which balances well between the fun expressiveness and somber shadows. His art is powerful enough to convey the story in a evocative way without any dialogue. The action set piece has such grand scale that every attack feels almost cataclysmic.

Batman and Robin #40 is an emotionally powerful read. The tying up of all the loose ends in such a simple way is the only blemish in a great work. It’s a return to form for how the comic was originally conceived. This comic doesn’t feel like a conclusion, but more like a pause for the series.

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