Batman: Kings of Fear #1 Review

Posted August 23, 2018 by Jacqueline Juretus in Comic Books

Story by: Scott Peterson and Kelley Jones

Color Artist: Michelle Madsen

Published by: DC Comics

Kings of Fear is the typical start of a 6 issue Batman mini series.  A routine trip to Arkham with the Joker goes awry, and Batman has to deal with it.

This issue feels a lot like a Saturday morning cartoon in that the action is good, but the story is paper thin.  However, that is not necessarily a bad thing as it is a lot of fun.  Batman himself is a bit overpowered so never really feels like he’s in danger.  If people are just looking for Batman beating up bad guys and nothing more, they will find it here.  Also, as a first issue in a mini series should, it has that nice cliffhanger ending to get readers excited for the next issue where the story should really begin.

Overall, the art is serviceable. Splash pages are well done and the panel layouts enhance the feel of each scene.  Biggest complaint art-wise is that the faces can get very strange that it’s a little distracting.  Batman himself generally looks great.  Colors are nice and have a bit of an older style feel which works well with the story.

While not outstanding, this issue lays a nice groundwork for a 6 issue series to build upon.  It may not be a must buy, but is nice enough for a simple Batman story.

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