Batman Who Laughs #1 Review

Posted November 16, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: James Tynion IV

Art by: Riley Rossmo

Published by: DC Comics

The final “origins of Dark Multiverse” Batmen is upon us, the most anticipated of all these stories…and possibly the darkest.

Tynion brings this character to bear in the only way that could probably happen, but without spoiling it too much, it is a more-than satisfactory entry in the Elseworld Dark Knight Canon. The One Who Laughs is someone that could be feasible.

Batman Who Laughs #1is written in segments which bring gravity to the situation as the transformation from Batman to the Batman who Laughs is not immediate. The story manages to breathe and develop this version of Batman as a villain to fear. Psychosis is real, fear is real, and the consequences of Batman’s actions are real. This Batman chooses his fate, unlike the others that end up being recruited by the One that Laughs, and that is what makes him infinitely more dangerous.

Rossmo’s art is here stellar, and there are some interesting dynamics in the panels, especially in the beginning of the chapter. The panels are sideways giving a disorienting view of the world itself. Once things go awry, Rossmo’s unique and almost surreal art style really gets to shine, especially with a few panels of what Batman decides to do with children. I have been saying this throughout Metal; we need more cannibal Robins!

That being said, they aren’t as utilized as well as they could be.

Batman Who Laughs is a worthy edition to Metal one shots and really gets to explore the insanity of Batman as a character, but moreover, it gets to explore what would happen if Bruce accepted the insanity that his character represents. This is a good way to end these one shots.

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