Black Panther World of Wakanda #1 Review

Posted November 9, 2016 by Adrienne Crean in Comic Books

Written by: Roxane Gay

Art by: Alitha E. Martinez

Publisher: Marvel

The Dora Milaje (pronounced “DOR-ah muh-LAH-jay,” and which means “Adored Ones”) are the personal bodyguards of the Black Panther and the royal family, recruited from every tribe of Wakanda. An ancient tradition originally designed to help keep the peace among the rival tribes, the Dora Milaje used to also be potential wives-in-training for the king, but that aspect has since fallen by the wayside. And now the time has come for the Dora Milajeto perhaps evolve even further…-

Black Panther World of Wakanda #1 2016 pg. 1

This excerpt is displayed in the very beginning  from the comic itself. It immediately sucked me in to a story I have never before heard. A world that is taking place prior to Black Panther #1, and showing you the depths of Wakanda’s Royalty.

From the paragraph above, us reader’s already have an understanding of what type of people to expect out of this issue. Woman, of all types, that have been chosen throughout all of Wakanda to represent their peoples tribes. We are then, immediately immersed into their  tribal, yet technologically advanced culture. A group of women are explained by showing their militaristic fighting styles, and tech savvy skills.  Gay did a great job at including pages of detailed dialog description as well as pages where Gay sat back with the writing and let Martinez take control of the action.

We get to be introduced into a potentially forbidden love affair, that gives readers a break from constant war chatter. We’re also able to understand the pride and respect Wakanda has for all its people and the Royal Family. Do we get to see the Black Panther? Not in this issue. Will we soon? I have no idea. Would I love to see The Dora Milaje develop as characters and as warriors, to fight alongside Black Panther? Absolutely, and I truly hope Gay and Martinez can give us something like that.

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