Bonehead #3 Review

Posted March 19, 2018 by Kyle Simcox in Comic Books

Written By: Bryan Hill

Art By: Rhoald Marcellius

Published By: Image Comics/Top Cow

Hideki resorts to desperate measures as his investigations into a rampant drug known as “VVD.” 56 tries to make some new friends and stretch his legs for a bit.

Bonehead’s biggest issue lies in the fact that Blackdeath is being handled pretty poorly. He started off as a mysterious character that everyone idolized but is being revealed too quickly. The path issue #3 takes doesn’t help him either. In the previous issue, Hideki seemed pretty dedicated to his life as a Gladiator, but it didn’t take much effort for him to go back to his old ways, don his old moniker, and slip back into his Bonehead. Then, despite everything we’ve learned about Blackdeath’s abilities, he’s quickly put into a bad situation.

On one hand, it works in that the reader will realize that Blackdeath is, in the end, just one man with a helmet. However, on the other hand, it completely shatters everything the book tried to build up about the boneheaded Robin Hood. As I said in my review of issue #2, we never had enough time to marinate in the legend of Blackdeath and this latest issue (for me anyway) solidifies that claim. It makes it harder to sympathize with Hideki when he can’t seem to commit to any role or side.

Thankfully, 56 once again steals the spotlight as he meets up with Pumpkinjuice and his gang of Boneheads. His segments are what bring back the fun energy of the first issue. It also helps redeem the parts where the issue fumbles along. As Hideki investigates a potential source of the drug known as “VVD”, 56 is jumping around with Tyrant and playing a friendly game of parkour ball. I actually expected to see some of 56’s limitations during his scenes but they never come. Instead, he seems to be happily entertaining his newly made friends as he emotes around the field and just acts as a show off.

Despite issue #3’s shortcomings making it easily the weakest entry so far, I still very much enjoyed it. Hideki and the VVD plot line feel rushed in its current state, but if they pump the breaks a little and give him some time to develop his character and Blackdeath persona, that wound can be mended. 56 continues to be the best part of Bonehead though, and I look forward to seeing what exactly is going to happen when he meets Blackdeath and what exactly his new status with the Kings will bring. So far, I really like the Kings and I can’t wait see more of Pumpkinjuice.

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