Borderlands – the Fall of Fyrestone #3 Review

Posted October 23, 2014 by John Newby in Comic Books

Written by: Mikey Neumann

Art by: Agustin Padilla

Publisher: IDW

Borderlands has never been known for insanely in-depth storytelling, but Gearbox’s Creative Director Mikey Neumann is looking to change that with the Fall of Fyrestone series. This series follows the original Vault Hunters from Borderlands during their series of quests to take down Nine Toes in exchange for free guns. To complete this quest, the foursome will need to obtain a car from Scooter and come up with a plan for bypassing Nine Toes’ evil skags.

Gamers who originally played Borderlands will immediately recognize this storyline as the opening missions from the original game. These opening missions involved helping Fyrestone’s residents and murdering Nine Toes and his skags. There were some other side missions included in this storyline, but most were brushed over in the comic based on variety of content. However, Neumann made many changes to liven up the story and make it more than simple shooting and killing. Some of these changes are great, but others are a little strange.

The best change that Neumann makes to the story is including an emotional scene between Lilith and Claptrap. This scene explains why Claptrap is the one constantly waiting for new Vault Hunters outside of Fyrestone, instead of any humans. The scene also explains Claptrap’s constant need for attention and his obsession with dancing. This scene between Lilith and Claptrap was a nice explanation for why Claptrap is so…peculiar, and I’m quite glad that Neumann included it.

The other change that Neumann made to the storyline was making Scooter and Nine Toes more articulate than normal. Both characters, which aren’t known for their intelligence, spend the issue going into huge detail about the intricacies of morality and life. The more intelligent versions of these characters are fairly interesting, but I honestly find it disconcerting after playing through Borderlands’ story multiple times. Nine Toes isn’t known for intelligence. He is known for being crazy and having three testicles.

The Fall of Fyrestone is a very interesting story, and it’s definitely enjoyable. Mikey Neumann makes a great effort towards crafting a better storyline in Borderlands. The changes in some characters aren’t great, but they don’t hold back from an entertaining story.

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