Bullet Gal #12 Review

Posted July 16, 2015 by Josh McCullough in Comic Books

Written by: Andrez Bergen

Art by: Andrez Bergen

Publisher: IF? Commix

We return, one final time, to the world of Bullet Gal supplied graciously once more by our friend Andrez Bergen. This series has taken a very weird, meta turn in the last few issues, something I’m wholly in favour of, and after the revelations last issue that the world was planned to be “reset” I was excited to see how things concluded. It’s a very neat concept for an ending, which has lead to a finale that is melancholic, optimistic and wholly original.

I was initially caught off guard that we jumped ahead a little in time to after the reset which had been discussed in the previous issue, from what I understand, the world essentially restarts every 24 hours and because of Lee and Mitzy’s plans, they remember everything and have managed to create a new world for themselves. The concept of the reset plays very well into the issue, a lot of Bergen’s unique photo art takes on a very beautiful broken quality, with strings of data and a glitch style making the world feel very digital and shows the impact the reset has had on the world. It’s a very clever way of showing the effects rather than telling. While I would’ve liked a little more in depth look at the effects of the reset, as it really is a fascinating concept, there’s enough there that you grasp the ideas and understand what’s happening. It just seems like there could be more to tell with the idea.

Bullet Gal 12_sample 1

The tone of this issue is also a lot more melancholic than previous issues, mostly because the series is concluding which is of course sad for the reader, however there’s also a strange sense of optimism too. There are so many big moments which signal a bold new era and are very powerful moments, the art even seems unified and minimalist in these moments to let the full impact sink in. It feels like while things are concluding, the world will still survive in its own way with new rules in place. It works on both a thematic level and a literal one given that Bergen’s novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa, acts as a sequel. So while there is indeed a lot of sadness based on where characters have ended up and that our time with this series is over, the adventure can continue for both the characters and the reader.

Bullet Gal 12_sample 2

Overall, Bullet Gal #12 is a terrific conclusion to what has ended up being a hugely experimental, creative and fantastic series. There are a few nitpicks I had with this issue, such as the text being a little hard to read in the scene with Brigit, but overall it’s a fantastic emotionally charged conclusion that fans of the series should find satisfying when it releases August 1st. If you haven’t read the series, I whole heartedly recommend picking up the trade which is out now. You’re sure to find something new and strange here, and definitely some unexpected joys.

For more information on Bullet Gal or if you want to buy the series, check out IF? Commix website 

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