Champions #6 Review

Posted March 1, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Mark Waid

Art by: Humberto Ramos

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Book takes a lighthearted look at kids in play.

This issue is a little bit head scratcher, it is utterly a filler issue, which doesn’t really progress the plot, or even the character development in any meaningful way. Which is somewhat surprising considering that the previous chapters of this book, even though not really huge on content, either had an important message to send, or just gives a better outlook at their relationship. We do have some of that here, as there are some quips being thrown in each other’s direction, but problem with this book it really did not go anywhere at all.  It’s a definition of filler. I did not expect the series to give us a chapter this early in its inception, so I am hoping this is not a new direction for the series, especially after strong issue #5. That is not to say the book is not fun, it is, it just I believe is a bit misplaced.

Humberto Ramos’ art is what saves the book from being a mess, he is a perfect artist for a book like this, with his anime like art style, that I do know not everyone likes, but for a book like this he is a perfect fit. (Imagine Rob Liefeld’s Champions for example). Ramos always was able to bring a sense of childlike wonder to the comics, but also bring us action on a very big scale when necessary. Ramos brought us that with his take on Spider-Man and X-men, but this book kind of reminds me of his earlier work, that was also done by Mark Waid  and that’s the Impulse book from DC, from the 90’s. Ramos gives this book charm, so even when the plot is not what some could say, up to par, he does elevate the book in a sense of just fun.  In this particular issue, he was strongest in conveying the emotions, especially on Ms Marvel and Cyclops, which made for some comedic gold.

In essence though, Mark Waid understands these characters, that much is clear, but I am still looking for this series to break out of its shell, as it would be close to time for the book to get a full direction of what it wants to be, and that’s kind of what is lacking right now. Is it going to be a comedy book, and if that’s what it wants to be that’s fine, but sometimes mixing genres can be difficult. Not saying that Mark Waid isn’t up to the task, but when you have a feeling someone else might be pulling the strings on the book, that’s when we could have a bit of the problem and that’s kind of what we have here.

Overall as I said book is very fun so far, and if what Waid and Ramos want to make this an Impulse type book, I am all for it, as that and Young Justice books were some of my favorite, for that type of genre, but sometimes I have a feeling it wants to be way more serious, and mixing those genres to those extremes, is just not feasible, both for a writer, and for the reader, as they would not know what to expect in the next issue. Another thing about this book so far at least, there is no cohesion, we had two issues that were kind of tied together, but rest of them, were all stand alone’s. If you are a fan of Waid and Ramos you won’t be disappointed but if you are looking for an epic adventure, look elsewhere. I personally think this book is very fun, for what it is, but as i mentioned before it does need a bit of a more cohesion.

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