Clone #19 Review

Posted August 7, 2014 by Joel Raivid in Comic Books

Written by: David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg, & Wade McIntyre

Art by: Juan Jose Ryp & Andy Troy

Publisher: Image

WOW, what a cliffhanger?? Though this wasn’t the strongest issue in this great series, it still definitely packed a punch emotionally and continues to be a really enthralling read.

This issue definitely pulls at your emotions from the opening page, to the conundrum Gamma gives Luke, and finally to the excellent cliffhanger with Eric. Even though this issue wasn’t as fast paced and action filled as previous issues, in my opinion, it still offered some great character moments and really drives the story forward.

As always with Clone the reader follows multiple strands of storylines. The strands work really well individually and collectively as we see Luke and the clones still dealing with their two hostages, Reverend Wayne trying to stop crazy lady, whose name is apparently Laura (I have just remembers after reviewing the past 3 issues), from doing something senseless with baby Luke, and Eric being Eric, working his way through the coalition to try and destroy it at the heart of the group.

This issue we get to see by the end of it an intertwinement of two of these strands, now I might be wrong, but I think this is the first time that the writers have done this and it really creates a shocking moment and the art for this last page works exceptionally well in depicting Eric’s face. And overall I thought Eric’s strand was definitely the most interesting and has been over the past few issues.

As usual this is another strong issue both in terms of the writing and the art. There is always going to be people that say that this book moves too slowly, however I personally feel that this works so well as the writers are crafting an excellent dramatic and emotional storyline, and the slowness of the pace allows the reader to get emotionally attached to these characters. The way the build-up is crafted really drives the story forward that when we start seeing results it really will pay great dividends. I would however, like to see Luke’s story start progressing as it feels a bit flat and is definitely not as exciting as the other two strands, but as always with Clone it ends on such a great cliffhanger  that it just wants you to come back for more. And I definitely will be next month!

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