Convergence #7 Review

Posted May 26, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Scott Lobdell & Jeff King

Art by: Mark Morales & Aaron Lopresti

Publisher: DC Comics

Issue #6 was the best yet in the Convergence miniseries as it was the only one to deliver the initial vision of the series. Issue #7 delivers some beautiful drawn scenes and even a little bit of compelling action but ultimately fails to capitalize on the strong issue that came before it.

The best part of this issue is easily the art as Aaron Lopresti delivers the most visually striking and consistent visuals that this series has seen to this point. His strong, clean pencils really do save this issue from falling back into the mediocrity that plagued its first five issues, as his crisp lines and great facial work make this book look worthy of a Crisis level event.

The narrative on the other hand isn’t quite as good as Scott Lobdell once again joins Jeff King to pen this issue. The cliffhanger for last issue setup for a multiverse spanning fight for survival between pretty much every hero and villain in DC Comics history. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Unfortunately the supposed mega fight for survival is rather abrupt and lacks any real sort of payoff. Telos and Deimos’ fight involves Telos getting kicked around and a random character stepping in and ending the fight extremely easily.

The problem with Convergence is that on paper it had all of the components to make a fun and interesting series but the execution has been muddled as it has focused more on the destination than the journey and thinly has ultimately failed to capitalize on its great potential. That being said this weeks cliffhanger at least redeems the issue in the sense that it makes the reader want to return for the finale. If you’ve made it this far one more week is not going to kill you and who knows the journey might even lead to one heck of a destination.

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