Coyotes #1 Review

Posted November 9, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Sean Lewis

Art by: Caitlin Yarsky

Published by: Image Comics

Sometimes we get a comic that transcend genres and social stereotypes. We have that book in Coyotes.

Sean Lewis is building a world here. He is building that world with images more than words, especially in the beginning few pages. Later on we get a bit of an exposition dump as to what type of world our characters actually inhabit, but it is never detracting from the fact this world is well established by end of this chapter.

Another great thing in this book is the setting itself: It has a feel of an old west setting with Hispanic backdrop, which separates the book from the slew of many either super hero books or the books that are trying to be set in pseudo-reality. It is about girls disappearing, either taken or eaten by coyotes that very well may not be coyotes. The story follows a little girl who witnesses one of such events and now has to deal with the consequences of her own actions.

Caitlin Yarsky’s art here is purely phenomenal. She adds great diversity to all of the main characters, but more than that, she is able to make Coyotes themselves an integral character to the story and not just a big bad to defeat. Another thing here that really works is how Caitlin manages to integrate the setting to the story as well.  It is her unique style that has this book elevating to a level of must-read, especially some of the traditional Hispanic and Mexican face paint almost referencing a Day of the Dead celebration.

This book is a really interesting read and one of the better issue #1s that came out independently this year. It has everything from family drama to horror and all other genres in between; the characters are very relatable, and the family concerns are real.

Coyotes is set up to be an interesting ongoing from Image; even though it is going to be interesting to see what kind of sustainability and what kind of legs it has after first several arcs. As of right now, the book comes highly recommended.


Coyotes #1


Final Score



  • Fantastic world
  • Art is beautiful
  • Some very good world building and characters


  • Quite a bit of Exposition
  • Little confusing at parts

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