Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit #1 Review

Posted January 29, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written By: Rob Anderson

Art by: Fernando Melek

Publisher: IDW

Creature Cops #1 is a book that I really wanted to like going in. The premise was really goofy and out there and that is something that IDW has handled really well in the past. Unfortunately the books solid premise is weighed down by weak characterization and strange dialogue leaving it to be a cool yet extremely mediocre read.

The story revolves around the explosion of hybrid animals (two animals spliced into one) and the law enforcement agents who’s job it is to capture these animals and lock them away. The animals for their part are really cool and out there, from gator snakes and panda dogs to bull bears and horned mastiffs, they are easily the most memorable parts of the book. Unfortunately the cops aren’t near as interesting as their animal counterparts. There are seven of them in all and they are all very one dimensional and uninteresting. In fact they aren’t even given last names in their bios, making this reviewer feel as if there aren’t any real plans to flesh these characters out past their current one dimensional paths. Also the issue never gains any sense of tension or gives the reader much of a reason to care, as a result the last page cliffhanger is weak as a result.

The art by Fernando Melek is solid if unspectacular. he draws some really cool animal hybrids and is people are solid too. IF anything his art is waged down by the story and he really doesn’t get any chance to fully shine.

Creature Cops #1 is a disappointing read, that being said it still possesses a cool concept and it is possible that this first issue is just suffering from trying to set up for a grander story. The animals are cool and I really hope that this creative team can turn it around in the second issue.

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