Dark Days: The Casting #1 Review

Posted July 14, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV

Art by: John Romita Jr, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson, Danny Miki

Publisher: DC Comics

After the Forge, comes the Casting and this book manages to clarify quite a bit of the mysteries in the first issue.

Most of all it is a lot more focused book, even if it does cover pretty much entire DC universe within it.

Where the Forge was trying to work on the broad strokes of the mystery and what is going on, The Casting manages to put those pieces together well and while yes, there are still questions left unanswered the point is the book does not leave us baffled as to what is going as the first issue very well did.

Snyder and Tynion have managed to come up with something unique here and that is what they call in their own words: “DC’s Dark Multiverse” and they are expertly weaving the web of intrigue around it.

We have heroes and villains in this book working side to side, switching places, so the mystery does continue but it is not done in any such way that are it seems pretentious or forced, it all seems like a natural evolution of the book itself.

As in the first issue there is a lot of information to digest as explanations are given about this new universe, as well as the existing DC universe as lot of things are mentioned that haven’t been mentioned previously in any Rebirth book and it only gives us a perception this is not meant to be one time deal and it could ultimately have a great repercussions across the universe. That is really where the true greatness of this books comes into place, it’s not just trying to be a Batman story, dare I say it, it’s trying to be Rebirth’s Crisis and so far it is succeeding at it. Yes we had multitude of different “Event books” from both publishers, Secret Wars II, Civil War II, Lazarus Contract, but none of them had a feeling that these books have, this story is broader and one can feel how important it could possibly be even if they don’t understand everything going on in it.

The list of artist caliber on this book is staggering as well, we have Jim Lee, Andy Kubert and Romita Jr on this book and each one of them do bring something to the scale of the book which is very important. The artists are not trying to out do each other and even me not being a huge fan of Romita Jr’s art can honestly say that he stepped up his game here and it does not feel detracting from the other two styles, which is a great sign. There is a ton of different locations in this book in here as well and each artist is picked specifically fits their style and that is very evident here. The book does not suffer because of it, like many before it that try to alternate artists within the same book.

Dark Days Casting makes Forge a better book and that alone should be recommendation enough to give this book a read, if you are a fan of DC Universe as a whole you should read this book, or if you want to just see what a hell is going on and try to solve the mystery, you should read this book as well! So pick these two books on your list and put Metal on your pull, because good things, they are coming!

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