Deathstroke #1 Review

Posted August 25, 2016 by Adeem Khan in Comic Books

Written by: Christopher Priest

Art by: Jason Paz, Carlo Pagulayan

Publisher: DC Comics

Deathstroke: Rebirth was a great issue that showed us a glimpse into the life of Slade Wilson. It made us both despise and like Deathstroke at the same time because of his ever changing allegiances. Following up on Slade finding Wintergreen at the end of the last issue, this one shows their escape with a little bit of catching up between the two.

Just like the last issue there’s also a lot of jumping around within time periods of Slade’s life, which is fitting considering the villain of these first two issues has been Clock King. Unlike the first issue though, the jumps make things a little confusing. Especially with all the double and quadruple crossing going on in-between every single character in the series. I guess it makes sense for Deathstroke’s world that keeping up with who’s screwing over who gets confusing.

I have to commend Priest for making both the past tense storyline and the present one interesting. I never get pissed when one storyline takes over as the plot and character in both of them are done really well. One of the things i really like about this issue and the one before it is that they’re doing a great job of incorporating modern politics and events into it’s story.  There’s a bit about the power of Super-Pacs, American intervention in war-torn countries, and defying the traditional role of women.

The art and the way the action is displayed is great and fits Deathstroke really well. The fight between Slade and his wife was particularly very cool and well done.

With two issues in, Deathstroke has established itself as one of DC’s best relaunches. Deathstroke’s world is unique from the rest of the DC universe, much like the anti-hero himself. With Priest in control, we might be looking at one of the best looks at the character.

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