Dream Thief: Escape #1 Review

Posted June 18, 2014 by Bryan Huth in Comic Books

Publisher: Dark Horse

Written by: Jai Nitz

Art by: Greg Smallwood

After last year’s successful run of the Dream Thief mini-series writer Jai Nitz and artist Greg Smallwood are back with a whole new story for our hero. Following the events of the first story, Dream Thief: Escape explores the relationship with John and his long-lost father, but with an interesting twist that will make this new four issue run certainly one to keep your eye on. Fans of the first series will definitely want to pick this continuation up as it brings even more of the great look and bloody action that made the original Dream Thief great, but what makes this new mini-series even better is that it provides a great jumping on point for newcomers.

This first issue clearly gives insight on the events of the first run while progressing the story to points that leave you wanting more. While the dialogue in some scenes can feel a little stale, the interactions between John and his buddy Reggie can make for some good laughs and John’s inner-narrative shows you one interesting murder after another. With such a great first issue, Dream Thief’s newest adventure will surely be one of Dark Horse’s series to watch. One that I’m sure will leave wanting more after the fourth issue.

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