Earth 2: World’s End 1 Review

Posted October 9, 2014 by Henry Varona in Comic Books

Written by: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, and Mike Johnson

Art by: Ardian Syaf, Sandra Hope, Jorge Jimenez, Eddy Barrows, Paolo Siqueira, and more

Publisher: DC Comics

Earth 2: World’s End is a giant sized issue with a giant goal: Chaos. As the third weekly series being published by DC Comics, and the one with the biggest uphill battle, World’s End has to immediately make sure the reader is ready for the crazy adventure that lies on the horizon. With a grand vision and a free world to play with, there is a lot of potential here for future issues, but unfortunately the first issue spends too much time catching up new readers for it to properly spread it’s wings.

This super-sized issue starts with 22 pages of recap, recounting the entire history of Earth 2, with new secrets about the history of the Apokolips War and the early moments of those first key battles. Afterwards, we are thrust into the action, where the Flash is running the entire course of the planet to make sure that everything is okay. As we are introduced to familiar faces for the first time, Power Girl and Huntress arrive, fresh from their adventures in Worlds’ Finest. Shocked by the devastation, they meet the new breed of wonders that this world has concocted, just in time for the next step in Darkseid’s plan to come to fruition!

With a team of collaborating writers, it’s difficult to credit any one writer with any one detail, so instead I will give all credit and blame to the entire team for everything. The crew of writers is largely untested, with Daniel Wilson and Marguerite Bennett having only written a handful of comics each, and Mike Johnson staying under most people’s radars despite some stellar work. The trio bites off more than they can chew early on, forced to spend 22 pages on recap. I think that this throws off most of the pacing in the issue, because even though this information is effectively told, it’s ultimately redundant to many readers, and overwhelming to newbies. However, when it gets to the story itself, they do a great job. They immediately bring Huntress and Power Girl into the fray, and the issues end with Darkseid’s Minions makes it clear that this issue is the calm before the storm. With the weekly scheduling, I am curious to see how much we get each week, but if this issue is any indication, it’ll be very interesting.

The art on this issue, much like the writing, is a team effort through and through. There are no less than eight credited artists, plus the breakdown artist and colorist. I am very grateful that there is one consistent breakdown artist, because it allows the book to have some kind of consistency. Though the changes aren’t blatant, an observant reader will be able to tell when the artist changes, and it can be distracting for a moment or two. That being said, there is not a single weak artist here. Some of the work is top notch, with Ardian Syaf in particular shining through. At Syaf’s best it looks like Andy Kubert, with top notch line-work and definition. While the book doesn’t maintain this throughout, it never becomes unclear, and the storytelling remains fluid.

Overall, Earth 2: World’s End is a bit of a rocky start, but it needed to be. With an entirely different continuity, many readers would be horribly unaware of what was going on without the time recapping. With this behind them, I have little doubt that the writers have the potential to create a great series. While it isn’t the strong start that Batman Eternal was, I have more interest going into issue 2 than I did with Future’s End. I think this book could be a lot of fun.

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