Earth 2: World’s End 5 Review

Posted November 12, 2014 by Henry Varona in Comic Books

Written by: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, and Mike Johnson

Art by: Jan Duursema & Jonathan Glapion, Tyler Kirkham & Lee Weems, Eduardo Pansica & Jaime Mendoza, and Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira

Publisher: DC Comics

Earth 2: World’s End has been a pretty big disappointment for me so far. I think that I expected too much of the series, which follows the cast of Earth 2 as they fight to save their planet from certain doom. Unfortunately, the book has suffered from being overstuffed, with too many characters and two many different stories happening at the same time, which ultimately made everything feel neglected. Issue 5 represents an upswing in the books quality, reminding readers of the potential the series has. Though it might not win over readers who aren’t already on board, Earth 2: World’s End 5 is a reward for those who have been reading the series so far.

The issue opens with Alan Scott facing off against Solomon Grundy, who has suddenly appeared to wreck chaos on the crumbling Earth. As the two fight, The Green itself appears, warning of the upcoming battle, telling the two that they must fight side-by-side to fight annihilation. As the two learn of the bigger picture, Queen Marella and her forces fight to defend the last lives of Atlantis. With the threat on her doorstep, Marella must make a decision that will shape the future for her and Atlantis. Meanwhile, our heroes plunge themselves into the battle, facing off against Darkseid’s Furies and the inevitability of their future.

As I’ve said before, it’s difficult to differentiate the writers on Earth 2: World’s End, since everybody seems to blend into one another. Normally, this means that we lose the characters voices in the mix, with characters being nothing but mouthpieces for action scenes. This issue actually manages to remind us that these are characters, not just action heroes. Spending some extra time with Flash, Hawkgirl, and Dr. Fate is a nice change of pace, since they have been neglected thus far. Since they are some of my favorite characters in the series, I really liked getting to spend more time with them. The plot is starting to pick up, as we see our heroes gather themselves, finally showing a bit of backbone. The first four issues revolved around our heroes getting decimated, and there is only so much of that I can take. While they still get knocked around here, the glimmer of hope in the fight gives me a glimmer of hope for this book.

Artistically, this is the best issue of Earth 2: World’s End that we have had since the first installment. While the book suffers from the same problem as always, inconsistency and a lack of definitive style, it manages to improve the overall quality. The book opens with a great sequence that focuses on Alan Scott and Grundy. While it isn’t perfect, it’s a big improvement for the series, since it actually looked different than every other DC book for a second. Past that, some general improvements in inking make the issue less cluttered, cleaning up the pages and allowing for the story to shine through. It isn’t anything noteworthy yet, but the art is a step up.

Overall, Earth 2: World’s End shows a bit of fight in this issue. While the characters seem to better prepare themselves for the coming tomorrow, the book itself picks up and grabs me back in. The promise for further explorations of the Green and the Grey, along with more elemental avatars is enough to keep me interested. I still think that this book needs to find it’s own voice, and until it does, it is going to go unnoticed by most readers. But there is plenty of time and potential in this series.


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