Fraggle Rock #1 Review

Posted October 7, 2014 by Oscar Russell in Comic Books

Written by:  Kate Leth

Art by: Jake Myler

Publisher : Archaia

There is a serious problem down at Fraggle Rock. The water has all gone! No more! Cahput! Gobo is set on creating something of use in this issue, and after his initially rejection from the Doozers on his Solar-Powered, Steam-Driven, Fully-Mobile Shoe-Polisher, he is set on a mission to invent something that one of the gang (Mokey, Red and Wembley) may want. All of this little adventure, leads to Gobo discovering the lack of water, and the crux of the story which is going to be their Journey to the Everspring. Writter Kate Leth, really had the voices down right from the opening gambit.

The one thing that did stand out a bit of an odd look was some of the character artwork. It didn’t quite fit the background designs. The Fraggles and supporting cast did pop out the pages, which may have been the “live” affect they were going for, to recreate a puppet on page, and for that I commend artist Jake Myler, but something seemed to be lacking from some of the back drops.

Now this book from what I can tell is aimed at one type of person. A Jim Henson fan. The likelihood is, that if they aren’t buying it for themselves to read, they are more then likely getting it for their kids. Which is fine. The fan service is in there, all the way down to a feature song appearing (albeit it without Gobo’s guitar). I really can’t see who else would want to buy this book, however Boom! (Archaia) are currently on a bit of a Jim Henson trip and are releasing titles with his name on the cover left right and centre, so clearly the demand is out there.

It is a really easy read, which makes sense as it is a kids book. But most important is it is a really fun read, with a real sense of likeability flowing through the pages. Henson fan or not, this is a book that needs to be gently placed into each child’s hand. It is a pure all ages book, that will work for everyone on a different level.

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