Glitterbomb #1 Review

Posted September 10, 2016 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

Written By: Jim Zub

Art By: Djibril Morissette-Phan & K. Michael Russell

Published By: Image

A handful of days late and more dollars short than I care to count, but Glitterbomb #1 is awesome. I would be doing Image Comics  a great disservice if I did not review this. Also, it’s the only good comic I read this week because disappointment is just everywhere. Come on Superman #6, what the hell was that at the end with the dog? Seriously?

The thing that I love most about Mr. Zub is that he’s a master at creating characters in short amounts of space. His dialogue always feels natural and right, meaning I can hate or love a character within a panel or two. Little things like Rori from Wayward saying, “It’s like coming home” when she arrives in a place she’s never visited or, in the case of Glitterbomb, a gross acting agent saying, “We represent trend fuckers and genetic lottery winners!” with as much pride as he could muster. You just know the former has a story to tell and the latter is an awful, awful human being.

Words are important. That’s maybe an obvious thing to say since we’re talking storytelling, but I read so many comic books where the authors don’t seem to get it. Less is always more. Harley Quinn #1 has over 2000 words in it, and each word is vapid nonsense. None of the characters are real.

Meanwhile, Glitterbomb #1 introduces and discards a bunch of characters, some only appearing for two pages, and they all feel real. It’s awesome. It’s what will have me coming back next month.

I suppose I should talk about the plot. (I also suppose I should have transitioned into this paragraph better.) Farrah is a middle-aged actress who is down on her luck. She can’t land a part, and her agent thinks it’s because she’s too old and not pretty enough. She’s broke. She’s desperate. When she loses yet another audition, she finds herself walking along the ocean.

That’s when things get strange. And supernatural.

And scary!

I’m not as familiar with Jim Zub’s work as I’d like to be, but this comes off as unexpected. Wayward is full of magic and no body horror to speak of, and this has no magic and body horror to speak of. I like it though—a lot—and I appreciate the range. I appreciate being surprised.

On the art front, Glitterbomb looks awesome. Faces are packed with emotion, be it sorrow or scorn or just a heavy eye-roll, and everything flows together well. The horror elements we do get are amazing, the kind of stuff you might find in a Resident Evil game. It’s not quite as heavy or oppressive as what’s in The Hunt, but this is only issue #1. Plenty of time for things to get really crazy.

Glitterbomb #1 is a great comic that I fully expect to be the start of a great series. The question now is: Do I collect this in single issues or in trades?

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