God Hates Astronauts #2 Review

Written by: Ryan Browne

Art by: Ryan Browne

Publisher: Image

….I really don’t want to review this comic. Oh it wasn’t bad, quite the contrary, this is one hilarious comic book. Not thought provoking or one that’ll show how artful and powerful comics can be, but one that is extraordinarily entertaining. So why don’t I want to review it? Well because it’s be like explaining a joke, I feel a straight-faced review would simply remove all the fun of the book. If I don’t review anything however then I wouldn’t be writing for this site, so therefore I put forward a compromise; I’ll review the comic as I normally would but in between each paragraph I’ll include a comedic scenario that’ll suitably lighten the mood. That sound good? Then on we go.

[Suspenders breaks causing a man’s trousers fall down in a comical fashion]

With most of the exposition dealt with in the first issue Browne really picks up the pace in this second instalment, which means the jokes start flying faster and even more ludicrous scenarios are revealed to us. This issues delves mostly into the life of Dr. Professor and his roommates the Anti-Mugger and Craymok who live in a city I’m not allowed to repeat given this sites family friendly stance. We also get to see more of Star Grass’ family (it’s not as boring as it sounds) and meet the glory of Gnarled Winslow. While all these scenarios are hilarious and rife with joke possibilities, Browne feels the need to even include comedic adverts and back-up stories. The whole package is just brimming with humour and value and ensures you’ll need to read it several times just to take in all the jokes.

[Man asks for a cream pie, gets a pie thrown in his face]

With Browne also handling art duties, he fills the backgrounds which just as many laugh-out-loud sight gags. It feels like exactly the sort of humour included in classic spoof movies like The Naked Gun, not necessarily the most intelligent or sophisticated style of humour, but it’ll still make you crack a rib with laughter. Browne brings the same surreal, wacky sense to the art as he does the writing in order to make the whole thing seem strangely cohesive in its madness.

[Man falls on banana peel, sues city council for millions]

So to conclude in a highly serious, professional manner the newest issue of God Hates Astronauts manages to be even funnier and more bizarre than the first. If you want to simply shut off your brain and laugh yourself silly then this is a book I’d highly recommend. If you think you’re above this sort of thing however or look down upon random humour or fun then good news! Downtown Abbey has just restarted this week which should be right up your alley!

[Reviewer attempts to inject humour into his review, is scolded by the higher ups]