Grayson #2 Review

Posted August 8, 2014 by Adrienne Crean in Comic Books

Written by: Tim Seeley & Tom King

Art bt: Mikel Janin

Publisher: DC

Last month we experienced a brand new way to imagine Superheroes. Dick Grayson now known as Agent 37 was somehow involved with a spy like program called SPYRAL. However, he wasn’t the only one. We also in last months comic found out that his lady friend, also a part of the program, was Helen Bertinelli herself. This time around, we get re introduced to other known Superheroes, as well as the continued search for our mystery villain.

Seeley & King begin this issue with Batman chasing down some bad guys, and doing what he does to get that done. When he answers a secured line, the code names had me thrown off for a minute. The readers weren’t seeing faces yet on who was talking with whom, however, that was quickly fixed. Grayson was letting Batman know that the “scavenger hunt” that the two of them have going on was still being played, and we were reminded of the humanity and relationship involved with the two. Grayson broke down, asking about the outcome of his fake funeral, and how his loved ones were handling the situation. The fact that Seeley & King reminds us readers that these butt kicking justice fighters, are still people, was very refreshing.

Readers do get a small moment of a behind the crime scenes look at the mystery villain that SPYRAL cannot track down. We get a good look into his twisted dreams, and troubles, then quickly move on to Dick’s mission at hand. Helena and himself are after another human that needs help with a weird powered implant, that has that victim doing something most deem, unspeakable.

This issue had a lot of actual reading involved when it came to a lot of tech information that readers need to know in order to better understand what real mission could be going on within SPYRAL. At times, it did seem to drag, but was quickly relieved with a humorous pun, or funny insult. Seeley & King did a great job of keeping the serious and mixing it with comedy. Janin had a lot of clean cut art, with decent action scenes. At times, the action seemed to be a bit confusing to understand, especially if you weren’t positive on who Dick was fighting with. However, as the issue went on, many things became clear, and Janin’s art remained colorful and easy to follow.

Grayson #1 didn’t disappoint with it’s new way of thinking and placing Superheroes. I do believe issue #2 delivers the same effect, maybe even more so with the additional heroes you get to see through the comic. Seeley, King, and Janin are quiet the comic book team, and is doing justice to the widely loved Bat Team.

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