Green Arrow #32 – Review

Posted June 6, 2014 by Joel Raivid in Comic Books


We said this was a good jumping on point in our Comic Wish List this week, and it certainly is. So if you are not reading this series yet go out and get this month’s issue. This issue is a great start to a new arc and so many things are covered in this first issue that it puts you right into the thick of the action.

For those of you who did just jump on for this issue. Oliver Queen has returned from the Outsiders War to Seattle where his city has been taken over by criminals. The city is in ruins and is in desperate need for its vigilante to return. Well guess what, he does!! But before he manages to get to the street criminals he is being hunted down by one of the city’s biggest criminals in Richard Dragon, whose storyline has been teased all throughout the Outsiders War with the ‘return’ of Diggle to Seattle.

Diggle is being held up by Richard Dragon, and Lemire really shows off a new side to the Dragon character we have not seen before and he is a lot more forward with speaking about himself and letting us know his past why he has kidnapped Diggle, and why there is a bounty on Ollie, but there is a reason he is so forward talking about himself and here we learn why he has put these sequence of events into play. All these sequences are done fantastically and Lemire does a great job going back and forth between Diggle’s predicament and Ollie’s fight for his life against the ‘D-Listers’. My highlight of the issue was the dialogue between Diggle and Dragon, especially with the climax of the conversation and Diggle’s reveal. I found it to be a great way of introducing the elements of the story that is specific to this arc while making it engrossing.

Throughout this run the visuals have taken this book to a new height and this first issue of the new arc does not let us down at all. Sorrentino’s pencilling and Maiolo’s colouring is definitely the most consistent art in the industry at the moment and really makes this book stand out from every other book on the market. I really feel (especially the previous issue) that this book is sometimes worth picking up just for the way it looks. Luckily with this new arc though, we are treated to an excellently crafted and written storyline too.

Broken Part 1 is an excellent start to what promises to be  a really intriguing storyline. With the last page and the return of a character we just got to know in the previous arc, this should spice things up a bit, and I really hope Lemire delves more into Diggle’s reveal and how that came about.

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