Guardians of the Galaxy #20 Review

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Art by: Ed McGuinness and Valerio Schiti

Published by: Marvel

You ever get the feeling that a storyline is going on far longer than it needs to? This is definitely the case with the Original Sin tie in of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Will I’ve generally been a fan of the book and actually enjoyed the opening of this storyline it has just dragged on and on to the point where it loses any real impact it may have had three months ago.

Bendis is often guilty of decompression in his stories, though given his strength for dialogue and characterisation I usually let this slide as there’s always something to enjoy despite the wait. With this arc however he has not been playing to his strengths at all and instead has spent three issues with lots of repetitive punching and hitting without any real progress. While this issue does include some very cool moments in the action it just feels very unnecessary by this point and leaves you wishing Bendis would just get on with the story. What’s even stranger then, is despite all this fighting it ends rather abruptly in order to tie up the Richard Rider storyline, which leaves what should be an emotional climax for readers feeling very sudden and melodramatic.

On the bright side, the action at least looks great given the dynamic work of McGuinness. Bendis may not play to his own strength but he certainly gives McGuinnes plenty of room to play to his. No one draws massive super hero action quite like him so it’s great to see him draw a Thanos and Drax brawl full of fan pleasing moments. Valerio Schiti also draws a few sections of the book with a pleasing and fun cartoonish art style. Unfortunately, while I really liked his depictions of the characters, it came at what should’ve been quite an emotional scene, so the art felt a little unfitting.

Overall, while Nova fans will surely be glad they finally know the fate of Richard Rider, this whole story arc feels like a bit of a waste of time. It could easily have been done in one issue (maybe even a double sized issue if Bendis really needed the space) but instead we were forced to buy three issues of a rather highly priced series and the value for money simply isn’t there. There are better comics to spend your money on and I suggest you do.