Hitman 2 Review

Posted November 29, 2018 by Kyle Simcox in Video Games

Developer: IO Interactive

Publisher: WB Interactive Entertainmen

Release Date: November 13th

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Agent 47 is back and doing what he does best. We don our best disguises and join him on his journey across the globe to find and eliminate the mysterious threat that orchestrated the events of the first game.

Hitman 2 takes place almost immediately after the last game as we find 47 infiltrating a beach by boat to retrieve intel on a figure known as the “Shadow Client” and of course, kill someone in the process. Like any other Hitman game in the past, the story is probably nothing to write home about and only really serves as a reason to keep killing people in creative ways. Due to it’s setting though, Hitman 2 does encourage you to have played it’s predecessor to have a fair grasp of what’s going on and thankfully, there’s an upgrade you can purchase to have both games in one neat little package. If you own the 2016 Hitman however, you do have a chance to get the upgrade for free. It’s a great little deal because I never played Hitman back in 2016 when it was released and it helped me catch up.

If the training missions are anything to go by, Hitman 2 provides a large variety of ways to kill your target. Each mission provides multiple threads a player can pursue to complete them and challenges you to find inventive ways to dispatch your targets. For instance, the prologue has you sneak in and eliminate the target in a staged environment using your silenced pistol. Then afterward, it unlocks the free form version of that mission where 47 has free reign to eliminate the target in any way the player sees fit. I ended up distracting the target’s high profile clients to subdue him, then disguised myself as the client and practically walked on board twirling a cane. After meeting the target, I eliminated him using my garrote wire to kill the target when we were alone. It’s a wonderful introduction into what 47 is capable of and showcases just what thinking outside of the box(and patience) can reward.

Hitman 2 also sports some multiplayer this time around with Ghost Mode and the Sniper Assassin Co-Op mode. In Ghost Mode, one player takes on another in a race to see who can take out their targets the fastest. Each player taking turns to move in and kill their target while the other player is free to intervene. The Sniper Assassin mode, tasks a player or two to creatively killing targets through the scope of a sniper rifle to score points and completing challenges. Elusive targets have returned as well with Sean Bean(aka The Undying) being 47’s first elusive target. Elusive Targets are timed hit players can take part in and you only get one shot to kill the target. If he catches you then the jig’s up and that’s it. While saving is disabled, players can restart the mission as many times as they want though as long as 47 doesn’t get caught.

It’s been a long time since I’ve fully immersed myself in a Hitman game. I think the last one I played to completion was Blood Money and I’ve only dabbled in the franchise’s other games. Playing Hitman 2(and subsequently Hitman 2016) is a testament to how a game can evolve over time to reach a much greater potential. I’m really impressed by how well the game plays and all the ways it tries to challenge you to get creative. While the story isn’t much to shake a stick at and it isn’t going to compete with Red Dead or God of War graphically, the games an absolute blast to play. Anyone looking for a fun stealth experience will almost certainly get more than their money’s worth out of Hitman 2.

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