Howard the Duck #3 Review

Posted May 14, 2015 by Jose' Rodriguez in Comic Books

Written by: Chip Zdarsky

Art by: Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Rico Renzi, & Jason Latour

Publisher: Marvel

We’ve seen quite a few Marvel books come out that use humor as a large part of a series, whether it’s “Ant-Man” (to a certain extent), “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl” or other Marvel series old (insert “The Superior Foes of Spider-Man” shout-out) and new. The best part of these humorous books is that they’re all very good books, but there’s a strong chance that Marvel’s best comedy might be “Howard the Duck”.

Chip Zdarsky’s brash, “it-shouldn’t-be-funny-but-it-is” sense of humor shines in the script and the various situations presented in this issue. Last issue, we were left with a weirdly funny cliffhanger; a character that we never thought we’d see committing a crime sticking up Howard. This issue continues immediately after and develops into something more ridiculous involving a lot more senior citizens.

The jokes come flying at you every page, yet it doesn’t become overbearing… sometimes. There’s a ridiculous story here that’s enjoyable, yet at times it feels as if it’s there only to service the punchline. It’s a little disappointing because Howard and his friends (She-Hulk is the best friend anyone could ever have) have had great development, but it takes a bit of a back seat a little too early in this run, but overall it doesn’t bring the issue down.

Accompanying Zdarsky’s jokes is the equally funny Joe Quinones. The characters expressions are pitch perfect along with the visual humor that accompanies the script. There’s a synergy here where you can’t ever tell who really had the idea for a specific joke, complimented by Rico Renzi’s appropriate colors. It’s a great synergy between the artist and writer that reminds me of how perfect the creative team on the Squirrel Girl book is. Although I will admit that I’m not a fan of this visual interpretation of She-Hulk.

Comedy books, especially from the Big Two, aren’t that easy to find. The overabundance of horror and sci-fi series can be a little overwhelming, so it’s nice to sit back and enjoy a laugh courtesy of the “Howard the Duck” team. Also, I’ll never get tired of that Spider-Man running joke that’s been happening these past two issues.

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