Infinity Wars Weapon Hex #1 Review

Posted October 19, 2018 by Kyle Simcox in Comic Books

Written By: Ben Acker & Ben Blacker

Art By: Gerardo Sandoval

Published By: Marvel Comics

After Gamora gathered the stones and folded the universe in half with the Infinity Gauntlet, some of Marvel’s greatest super heroes were melded together. Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex is one of the few machinations created as a result of Gamora’s actions, combining Laura Kinney a.k.a X-23 and the Scarlet Witch for a more magical take on one of Marvel’s deadliest characters.

While Weapon Hex sounds really cool on paper, the end result ends up being pretty lackluster. The story is basically Laura’s origin but retold with more of a mystical approach. Laura is still mostly Laura. Instead of the trigger scent there’s a trigger spell and she can cast some magic but she mainly relies on her claws. I guess I was expecting the character to have more to do with Infinity Wars but that is not what we get and it frankly feels like a tired and useless re-telling of a familiar story that we’ve heard a thousand times.

The artwork is passable. The biggest change brought to Laura’s character is her red hair and looks at her best when she’s in her Weapon Hex uniform and there’s some fun takes on other Marvel characters. At one point we see a man brandishing a magical sigil on his chest that’s in the shape of the Punisher’s iconic skull and dual wielding magical revolvers. The details are all there for a really cool experience but the pacing of the story feels rushed making it hard to enjoy the frequent action scenes.

I think my biggest gripe with Weapon Hex #1 is that it doesn’t feel like an original concept. Instead we get another re-telling of Laura’s origin except this time there’s you know… magic involved. There’s very little “Scarlet Witch” to be had in this melding of the two heroes. I understand that it’s a mini-series set during the current “Infinity Wars” event but overall it just feels pointless and doesn’t do much to add on to said event.

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