Insufferable #6 Review

Posted October 19, 2015 by John Newby in Comic Books

Written by: Mark Waid

Art by: Peter Krause

Publisher: IDW

Last month, Mark Waid upped the ante with Insufferable #5. A mostly serious and slightly goofy series took a deadly and slightly horrifying turn. Now Waid returns with Insufferable #6. This latest issue continues the Galahad and Nocturnus’ investigation and returns to the more pop culture-moments of previous issues. Don’t worry though; this issue still continues to raise the stakes with some crazy details. So how does Insufferable #6 stack up?

This latest issue begins immediately after the partially horrifying showdown with Malvolia and his baby shield. Galahad and Nocturnus set out to continue their investigation. Unfortunately, Malvolia wasn’t the only villain roaming around the hospital, and the hero duo had more issues to deal with. For instance, there was no actual proof that the ashes in the urn belonged to Galahad’s mother, and there was no explanation for why the city’s villains were teaming up. All the heroes knew is that people were dying, clues were popping up, and the investigation was going nowhere.

So, Galahad looked for answers on the best information hub of all—Twitter.

If you couldn’t tell, Insufferable #6 does get back to some of the goofier aspects that made earlier issues very entertaining. Don’t misunderstand; the serious aspects help make Waid’s superhero series very entertaining, but the humorous moments are just as great. Over half of the issue consists of Galahad perusing the internet and arguing with trolls. Well, at least he was trying to argue with internet trolls when Nocturnus wasn’t dragging him around the city with ropes.

It’s honestly quite impressive how the story switches between serious and goofy at a moment’s notice.

Insufferable #6 is another entertaining entry in a great series. Mark Waid’s story is continually engaging, and some of the story moments happen at unexpected times. Some characters even go from being integral to the story to being slightly less so.

So far, Insufferable has been a solid series, and the quality hasn’t dipped in the slightest. Thankfully, the story will be continuing for quite some time.

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