Intersect #1 Review

Written by: Ray Fawkes

Art by: Ray Fawkes

Publisher: Image

This was… a weird one. I was intrigued by this book’s cover and art style and decided to give it a look knowing absolutely nothing about it. That was a tremendous mistake and led to me having a very confusing and disjointed experience the first time through. I initially really didn’t like this book, but after looking into the plot a little bit and giving it another shot I felt a lot more positive about it. There will certainly be an audience for a comic like this, I’m usually among them, although this debut ends up being very confusing and could’ve used a lot more breathing room.

After doing some research into this comic after my initial reading I discovered the plot seems to be about body possession as “bodies shift and merge. Warring with themselves”. With this in mind I can better understand the disorientating feeling of this comic as it seems to be intentional. Our “main characters” seems to be merely bodies that get switched out and possessed by others at certain points without knowing what happened while other people were in control. It’s a very interesting and creative idea and in this regard the pacing and structure of the book makes sense; however I can see this as being a major turn-off for some readers who will not want to struggle through the book and will not attempt to understand what is happening.

Outside of the initial jarring experience I had with the book, Ray Fawkes writing is actually pretty strong. He manages to effectively write some really chilling horror scenes, one such line towards the start of the book left me feeling pretty unsettled and really got under my skin. He incorporates a very Lovercraftian sense of horror which I feel is actually pretty effective and is pulled off really well in this comic. At times though some of the narration and lines seem to be deliberately confusing and overly poetic, so it remains to be seen if it will make any more sense in later issues.

The absolute best thing about the issue however is the art which manages to be as beautiful as it is chilling. The type of horror in this book relies heavily on ideas like body distortion and other unsettling things which the art has in spades. It manages to be highly creepy in the best possible way. From a story-telling standpoint the art is also masterful, it was initially just as confusing to me as the writing, but when you take a step back it tells a very good story and is an excellent part of the experience. It’s hard to describe but seems similar to the Dave McKean style of art. The design of the book also manages to be highly creative and unique, the last few pages of the book definitely intrigued me and made me want to read more in an attempt to solve some of this book’s mysteries.

Overall, while I initially felt really negative about my experience with this comic, I enjoy it the more I think about it. Intersect seems like a series with a lot of big ideas and it could grow to be a great horror comic, though this first issue is a very constricted experience which needs a lot more breathing room in order to explain its core concepts and give readers a bit more to go on. You’ll probably know before even reading this book whether or not this is your type of thing, if you’re into things like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman or Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol then it’s probably worth checking out and you’ll probably be much more patient in attempting to puzzle the book out. Some people will love this, others will hate it, despite this issue being a bit of a mixed bag, the gorgeous art and interesting premise are enough to pull me back for the next issue.