Invader Zim #25 Review

Posted November 24, 2017 by Cameron McFarland in Comic Books

Written By: Eric Trueheart

Art By: Warren Wucinich

Published By: Oni Press

In issue #25, we finally see the conclusion to the Virooz story arc. If you haven’t been reading to this point, Zim has been tracking down someone that has enough technical know-how and reach to interfere with his life. In an attempt to control his own destiny, Zim put together the clues that were fed to him very deliberately and sourced his problems all back to one individual: Virooz.

The interesting bit, however, is that Virooz isn’t just watching Zim; he has been watching Zim for nearly his whole career as an invader.

In some ways, Virooz is nothing more than an annoying fanboy. I don’t need to spoil too much of the fun that comes, but I want to take a moment to appreciate how smoothly a metatextual joke like this can be handled when done carefully. Virooz comments that Zim isn’t as cool as he used to be, and cites his adventures from the television series as an example while Zim protests that he is cooler than ever. It’s a cute nod to the interesting roller coaster that this IP has gone through, but what I really want to applaud is the book doesn’t dwell on this joke. The story quickly moves into the meat of things because no one really needs a clip show right now.

Readers get to see an interesting flashback to Zim’s first days training to become an invader and how he handled his very first mission. This struck me as a deliberate invitation to think about how far a road Zim has taken to get to where he is now, and maybe it’s just me reading into things a bit much, but I want to believe the folks behind this comic really do love the character as much as the most die-hard fans do.

My bottom line for Invader Zim #25 is that it is a fun comic book with some silly jokes in it paired with unique and stylish art. But, any big fans will probably think about this little story from time to time when the topic of Zim comes up in conversation, and it will cement their passion, if only a little bit more.

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