Jean Grey #1 Review

Posted May 5, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Dennis Hopeless

Art by: Victor Ibanez

Published by: Marvel Comics

Being a first solo X-Men title of the Ressurexcion line (if you don’t count Weapon X books) comes with both challenges and an opportunity. It can set a new tone, so we can see what might happen in Generation X or the Iceman book coming out.

Jean Grey does manage to set up an identity for itself by making the book something different while also being familiar with the current state of the Marvel Comics. It seems like all the books have a very similar tone when they are focusing on younger singular characters. What Hopeless manages here though, is to give us a different view on Jean Grey, without forgetting what that character is most famous for.

This book tears Jean from the pages of X-men Blue and has her go on a solo mission. There is a lot of inner monologue, which is not unexpected for a book that deals with a psychic character. The action in this is pretty sufficient, and it’s going to be interesting to see how the book will deal with just Jean Grey without making it another X-Men Blue title.

Victor Ibanez has the honor to bring the first solo Jean Grey comic to life, and his style fits the book pretty well, with him understanding how to portray her inner emotions and the fight that she is having both internally and externally. Having an artist that worked previously on the X-Men series works in Jean Grey’s favor, even though this is essentially a completely different project. Ibanez understands to make a good X-Men book.

Jean Grey is an interesting book and a completely different take on her character. Its biggest problem is going to be sustainability, as it seems that this would work better as a mini series or a limited run than an ongoing. That being said, the book is an enjoyable read, and even though it does seem like an extension of X-Men Blue, there is room to grow.

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