Jughead #6 Review

Posted May 18, 2016 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Chip Zdarsky

Art by: Erica Henderson

Publisher: Archie Comics

Jughead has been a zany kind of book since its inception more than half a year ago. It has juggled wit with laughs admirably, not unlike its titular character. Jughead #6 not only continues this strong showing buy also wraps up Zdarsky’ and Henderson’s first arc on a high note.

The conflict up till this point has pitted Jughead against Riverdale high’s new principal, Stranger, and this issue serves as their long awaited confrontation. Last issue the gang figured out Stranger’s master plan and the mind controlling shenanigans that accompany it. In this issue the final showdown at the Halloween dance occurs, and its chalk full of standout moments as well as the big face off . It seems fitting that such a layed back character as Jughead would take offence with an uptight authority figure like Stranger and the rivalry between them is wonderfully portrayed throughout. That being said, as much as Jughead is the star of the show, it is a certain supporting character with a mind of steel that ends up being the highlight of this issue. I’m not going to go into specifics, but let’s just say that Dilton’s canon just got a whole lot funkier.

The one part of the issue that isn’t funky is the dream sequence and its superhero based happenings. It’s missing the charm and zaniness that have made Jughead’s dreams a major plus thus far in the series. It’s in no ways bad, but it feels sort of random. That being said it doesn’t hurt the issue as much as it takes the focus away from the long awaited confrontation between Stranger and Jughead.

On the art side, Erica Henderson continues to impress. She draws the heck out of this issue as her lines are popping with energy and her characters look and feel genuinely alive. There is a very muted colouring tone for most of this issue that fits the back against the wall tone. It also gives the storytelling a subtly to it that makes its standout moments feel much more relatable and personal.

Overall, Issue #6 serves as a fitting conclusion to the first arc of the newly revamped Jughead series and it demonstrates that this book and its pointy nosed protagonist are in great (albeit funky) hands.

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