Justice League #35 Review

Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Doug Mahnke and Ivan Reis

Published by: DC

Geoff Johns’ Justice League series continues its strong post Forever Evil storyline, however it is moving at a frustratingly slow pace, especially considering the delays the book has been suffering from recently.

One of the strongest elements of the series recently has been its renewed focus and strong character work, it definitely feels like we’re building towards something and the ride there is pretty enjoyable. Johns’ use of Lex Luthor is certainly unique and is the highlight of the current storyline; his interaction with Bruce Wayne particularly generates some fun moments as the two try and one-up their public image of each other. It’s an angle I haven’t seen played up much and so makes for a pretty unique element for the series.

The other members of the league also receive some pretty nice character work, the budding relationship between Cyborg and Shazam is pretty fun and something I look forward to see more of. New recruit Power Ring also shows up in this issue and it’s nice to see Johns try and build up a new character within the league. While most members receive only a little bit of panel time compared to Bruce and Lex its still admirable to see Johns trying to balance so many characters at once and managing to give each some great characterisation.

Mahnke’s art looks great in the issue, he is simply a master when it comes to framing a story in comics. Each panel looks greatly cinematic and gives even a simple prologue such as this an epic feel that flows really nicely. Reis too handles a few pages towards the start and manages to make the League look as heroic and iconic as ever for what I assume will be the last time.

Unfortunately, seeing as this is a prologue not much actually happens story wise in this issue. As stated it still feels like we’re building towards something and there are some nice teases to what’s coming as well as a great cliff-hanger, but giving the staggered release schedule of the series so far the pace really needs to pick up. Here’s hoping the rest of the Amazo Virus storyline can pick up the pace and keep this series going strong.