Klaus and the Witch of Winter Review

Posted December 23, 2016 by Kierra Prince in Comic Books

Written by: Grant Morrison

Art by: Dan Mora

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Just in time for the holidays, Boom! Studios gives us a nice, long one shot about Klaus. Klaus, you may remember, is the Grant Morrison and Dan Mora Santa Claus action hero that we got a nice taste of in a miniseries.

Klaus is still charming and still a badass. Fans of this re-imagining of Santa will be glad to have the man back and fighting evil once more.

In Klaus and the Witch of Winter, Klaus basically has to save the world from the Witch of Winter while simultaneously helping some kids go from potentially the worst Christmas ever to the best Christmas ever. It’s a sappy story that hits all the expected notes about family and hope and believing in people.

It’s also 48 pages long which makes this a hefty title to purchase.

Unfortunately, it ends up being a little too into the Christmas spirit, and at times I couldn’t help but groan at how little the story surprised me and how lazy the writing seemed to be . I mean, I understand this is supposed to check off every major trope of Christmas media, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a replica of said Christmas media pretending to be something different just because Klaus is some kind of secret Santa action star.

The writing isn’t terrible; it’s just similar to what you’d find in every children’s story about Christmas. Complete with a lesson learned by the time it’s all wrapped up.

Thankfully, Dan Mora’s art more than saves what could’ve been the ultimate comic of mediocrity by giving us some stellar illustrations and beautiful character designs. I often found myself spending minutes on a single page or panel just trying to take all the detail in. It helps give Klaus the push it needed to save the overall bland story from falling into a pit it nearly dug itself into.

Are there worse things to read? Definitely. Is this probably the best Christmas-themed story you’ll read this year? Most likely. Are you really missing anything if you don’t really like Christmas? Not really.

Unless you’re super excited for the Holidays and want to get into that Christmas spirit, Klaus and the Witch of Winter can probably be skipped unless you’re big into art.

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