Marvel Zombies #1 Review

Posted June 11, 2015 by Henry Varona in Comic Books

Written by: Simon Spurrier

Art by: Kev Walker

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Elsa Bloodstone is a character who has always intrigued me. From her time in Nextwave to her appearances in Fearless Defenders, she has shown a lot of spunk and personality. Yet I feel like I’ve never been given reason enough to justify further exploration. She always seemed to be just slightly removed from the conflict she was born to be a part of, watching from the sidelines. Well, Marvel has finally given me a reason to love this fiery redhead. Combining the thrill of Marvel Zombies with the spectacle of Battleworld, Secret Wars: Marvel Zombies starts off with a bang! Simon Spurrier and Kev Walker absolutely kill it and I can’t wait to see more!

The comic opens with Bloodstone spilling her tea while killing zombies along the Shield, the dividing line between territories. Fearlessly killing zombies and defending the sanctity of the Battleworlds, she is teleported deep into the land of the zombies by an angry foe. After surviving a superior zombie attack, Elsa comes across a young child who she nicknames “Shuttup”. As the two venture across the wasteland, it quickly becomes more and more apparent that they will have the odds against them, the duo decide to defy expectations, even while something nefarious watches from the sidelines…

Simon Spurrier immediately establishes the tone of the story and the character of Elsa Bloodstone when the book opens on Elsa spilling her tea. Her justified anger and her response is a great way to immediately get into her head. Spurrier does a good job characterizing her overall, and I’m impressed that this is his first time with her. The flashbacks to her childhood with her father Ulysses Bloodstone show the struggles that forged her. The plot is a little simple, which I hope changes over time. It’s weird, the book seems to exist in the middle ground of not enough character analysis to be a character piece, and not enough explosions to be a pure action comic. Given time, I’m sure that the book will find it’s voice. Props for using Striker from Avengers Academy!

Back in my day, the best way to get your fill of alternate reality characters was to read Exiles, the Marvel comic about renegade X-Men from alternate realities defending multiple universes. It was on this book that I was first introduced to the wonder of Kev Walker. More recently, he was  the main artist for Avengers Arena and Avengers Undercover. His work here is once again incredible, with a great attention to detail and effective storytelling. Each of his characters looks very unique, and he draws great zombies with his naturally twisted style. His depiction of Elsa Bloodstone fighting against the hordes immediately makes Marvel Zombies one of the most visually engaging tie-ins thus far.

Overall, Marvel Zombies has a clear and distinct vision of what it sets out to do. With a fantastic premise and an engaging lead, Simon Spurrier has a lot of storytelling potential in the future. Hopefully in future installments he will be able to milk it for all it’s worth, allowing Kev Walker to continue astonishing us with his dark and twisted depictions of Marvel’s living undead! I can’t wait to read more and find out!

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