Mass Effect: Galaxy Sized Shoes To Fill

Posted March 18, 2016 by Cody Rostron in Video Games

While deep down in my heart I always hoped Mass Effect Andromeda would come out this year, the gaming climate dictates that every game is delayed at least twice before it releases. And with gritted teeth I say that’s fine. Make the game better.

The first console I bought with my own money was the PS3, and I purchased Dragon Age Origins with it. I had spent months narrowing down my first game; I mean it had to last me a long time. I was spending all the money I had on a fat PS3. after finishing Dragon Age, I caught wind of another Bioware game by the name of Mass Effect 2. You could say Dragon Age was my gateway drug to the great space epic of that generation. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the world and characters before I needed to know everything there was to know about this universe, the Protheans, the Collectors, Miranda’s jumpsuit.

The months after Mass Effect 3 was released, I didn’t care what came next. I’d be content with whatever the studio wanted to pursue. Plus most of my energy was spent looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisition. So now that we’re looking forward–and forgetting whatever feelings we had about the ending to Mass Effect 3–there is a lot to be excited about with Mass Effect Andromeda. The odds are good that the game will run on Frostbite, the same engine that powered Dragon Age Inquisition, and in traditional Bioware fashion, our main character will have a moniker that everyone will call you other than your actual name. Rumor has it that its ‘The Pathfinder.’ And probably the safest bet is you’ll be able to get freaky with aliens.

Off Roadn’

Yet with all the news of the editor, the lead designer, and the senior development director leaving, alongside the delay to next year, it’s easy to be bummed. Especially since we know so little official information to begin with. So let’s speculate!

My feeling ever since the success of Dragon Age is that Mass Effect will resemble a bit more of the former than previous installments. Before it was always Dragon Age taking cues from Mass Effect, but now I expect to see a few more similarities to Inquisition in the upcoming game. For example, your new ship is huge! Presumably, this is your monster ship that you will be traipsing across the universe in. A ship this big could resemble many aspects and traits that Skyhold had: Extensive customization, along with a wider variety of locations. Customization, in general, should be even more expansive than before with things like your Mako, armor plates, and custom weapons. Plus various adjustments to things like your living quarters, weapons, omni-tool, armor, and most importantly, changing colors so you can paint everything hot pink. And much like Dragon Age Inquisition’s various maps, Mass Effect Andromeda will reportedly have hundred’s of solar systems, presumably four times the size of previous Mass Effect games.

We know nothing about the story, but rumors persist that we, an N7 operative, are searching for a new home for the human race. We aren’t the only ones looking for a new place to crash. The Pathfinder pertains to us finding a new place to live and prosper. Set in the Helius Cluster of the Andromeda galaxy, far removed from any previous game. That seems like a solid idea to get behind. It does beg the question: What happened to our home?! Did the reapers mess everything up so much that we can’t even function on earth anymore? How are we even getting to this other galaxy?

Maybe we’ll actually get to fly the ship this time! Take this with a massive grain of salt, but a first person mode where you fly the ship from place to place instead of a point and click cursor has been talked about before. Along with a meeting room much like the Dragon Age Inquisition war room were you debate with other party members where to go and conquer/liberate next.

You have to imagine choice makes a big impact on the game, despite how big it bit Bioware in the ass when it came time to close up the previous trilogy. Building colonies and settlements on these planets could be a big part of setting up the future of the Mass Effect universe, much like Dragon Age was supposed to have but eventually scrapped early on. Things like renegade and paragon should be a bit more varied than the badass and the boy scout. Give me a little nuance in my decisions.

Speaking of decisions, we have no idea who we are combating in this game either. No actual bad guy or figure has been presented, and if everything previously stated is true, the story itself doesn’t even lend itself to guessing at the bad guy. One rumor I hope may not be true is the fact that Cerberus makes a reappearance or, at least, a new version of Cerberus. Having too many connections to the previous trilogy may take away from the path they are trying to create on their own. Regardless, finding a new home means finding new enemies.

A Mass Effect world without Commander Shepard seems unbelievable, so we’ll have to learn to love whoever this pathfinder is. Whether or not we see the game soon, we have plenty of things to look forward to and speculate about. Bioware is a very different animal than it was a few years ago when Mass Effect 3 came out, especially now that everyone working on the game is leaving. But the core of Mass Effects is what keeps fans coming back. A sci-fi epic that takes it’s story seriously, along with great characters and a wondrous universe just waiting to be explored. Plus alien sex.

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