Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9 – Review

Posted December 1, 2016 by John Newby in Comic Books

Written by: Kyle Higgins

Art by: Hendry Prasetya

Publisher: BOOM!

What’s the term that kids nowadays use to describe something crazy? “That’s cray cray?” Look, my knowledge of what’s hip may be slightly off, but what truly matters is that Kyle Higgins has crafted a fantastic story with constant and exciting plot changes. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #9 is the latest continuation of a story revolving around Rita Repulsa and the Black Dragon, and boy, does it bring the thunder.

This issue kicks off as the world is preparing for utter destruction. The Black Dragon is in control of the Zords, and it seems like nothing will stop him from razing the earth. Thankfully, partial salvation arrives in the form of the all-green Power Rangers. Well, a couple key members are missing, but enough are around to kick off a massive battle that takes up most of the issue. And this battle doesn’t disappoint.

In the world of Power Rangers, nothing is more epic than multiple Zords taking on a gigantic baddie. Turns out, the same is true no matter the medium. Watching these gigantic dinosaur robots rip each other apart–thanks to Prasetya’s art–was downright enjoyable. Plus, this fight takes a very sharp turn toward Captain America: Civil War in the best way possible.

Of course, when Higgins is involved, there can’t be a singular focus, and Power Rangers #9 is no different. While the battle is taking place, an even more interesting exchange is happening between Billy and Goldar. The duo are unlikely bedfellows because of Rita’s anger, which leads to some interesting conversations. Despite the fact that Goldar is infinitely more angry and frightening than his TV version, he still has some redeeming qualities. It’s a little strange to say, but Goldar has been one of the best characters in this series. It also helps that he is integral to the story beats that take Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from a good comic to something great.

Once again, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers continues to be an exceptional series. Higgins has a great grasp on these characters, and his story never fails to disappoint. Seriously, his ending to issue #9 was downright crazy. Don’t search for any details until you read this issue because spoilers are everywhere on comic sites. All I will say is that this new character is going to be dark and fascinating. Higgins even compares him to Kylo Ren. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.  

Seriously, go buy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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