Mister Miracle #1 Review

Posted August 9, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Mitch Gerards

Published by: DC Comics

King has given us a new look at Vision for Marvel. Now he is upping the ante with Mister Miracle for DC.

Mister Miracle is.

Mister Miracle is one of the most unique Jack Kirby creations as part of the pantheon of the New Gods he created for DC. Kirby was ahead of his time – so much so that DC has not really known how to implement his creations into the DC lore sans a few characters.

Now in Celebration of what would have been the 100th birthday of the King of Comics, Tom King brings a new vision of one of his most unique creations to life.  He does so with such grace and passion for the character, even though he is putting his own spin to it. Not only do we delve into what makes Scott Free tick, but King has managed to do something that has eluded DC for a long time. He made him and even other New Gods relatable in just one issue.

We are introduced to a slew of these characters, and they each have unique personalities. King manages to show just how much they clash with each other, but also how they connect. Scott is not really a superhero. He isn’t out there saving everyday people. He’s dealing with a largercrisis: his own family.

Gerards takes the reigns for the art on this book and the same raw power he brought to the “Rooftops” storyline is found here. There are panels featuring Orion and Scott, and Barda and Scott that are more impactful exclusively because of Gerards. His style exudes emotion.

Another part where this book shines is Scott’s escapes and how they are portrayed on page. One in particular strikes true toward the middle of the book where not just Gerards’ art but the audience reaction and lettering. Everything worked on those panels to almost perfection.

Other work on Kirby’s New Gods pales in comparison to what King has brought to form here. He not just brought these characters to life in Mister Miracle; he humanized them and made them relatable and relevant like nobody has managed to do so other than Kirby.  This is the ultimate book to celebrate the late King of Comics.

If you ever had any interest in reading these characters and seeing what made them so special back in the 70’s or you are a new reader that has a new found reverence toward Kirby’s work, pick this book up and you won’t be disappointed.

Mister Miracle is.

Mister Miracle #1

Mister Miracle #1


Final Score

9.9 /10


  • New Gods in new Light
  • Humanization of Scott Free
  • Big Barda
  • Orion
  • Fantastic art by Gerards


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