Ms Marvel #16 Review

Posted March 17, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books


Written by: G. Willow Wilson

Art by: Takeshi Miyazawa

Published by: Marvel Comics

Ms Marvel in this issue fights Internet Trolls, Injustice and Prejudice!

Ms Marvel continues to be one of the most unique characters in Marvel’s pantheon, and not just because of her heritage. She is a complete character, and probably the most relatable character Marvel currently has. She is a what I call an accidental superhero, she’s a geek, loves fan fiction, has normal friends, and wants to live a normal life.

What Willow Wilson did in this issue is illustrate exactly that. Even though she has been in a hero business for a while now, she is still adjusting to this new life. This issue continues to show her life as a gamer, and avid fan of pop culture. This is where the villain of the arc decides to strike. It is an interesting metaphor to what is going on right now in the world. Those ties are executed perfectly, without being too preachy.

The second part of the book is about Kamala’s friend, who is struggling with her love life, and sees Kamala as her only true confidant. This is where this book really shines, as Wilson understands the life of a teenager, and just how difficult it can be especially when it comes to love. One other interesting thing about this book is just how Kamala begins defeating this enemy, I think it was ingenious and very well paced.

G. Willow Wilson is here joined by Takeshi Miyazawa, who I discovered back when he was doing the Runaways series, after Humberto Ramos left. His very visual flair is again on display here, with his anime-esque look does this book a great justice. Facial expressions on all of the characters where Miyazawa really shines, and G. Willow Wilson gives him quite a bit of that to work with.

This book deals with social issues, bullying, trolling and it is those issues that I am glad exists. And all of this is in a comic book about the first Muslim superhero that managed to get her own book. The themes are here timeless, and even though some would say it doesn’t make a great super hero story, I would disagree. This book shows us we can all be superheroes, if we stand up to injustice everywhere.

With that I can’t recommend this issue enough, sure it doesn’t have a lot of traditional super hero action, but it has it where it counts!

Ms Marvel #16

Ms Marvel #16


Final Score

8.4 /10


  • Kamala remains great character
  • Fun art
  • Important themes


  • Not a lot of superhero action for some

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