My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #60 Review

Posted November 8, 2017 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

Written By: Christina Rice

Art By: Agnes Garbowska

Published By: IDW

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic, but in fairness, it’s been awhile since an MLP comic has been good. That’s my back-handed way of saying MLP:FiM #60 is pretty good. Bet you weren’t expecting that followup!

MLP:FiM #60 is a Cutie-Mark Crusaders affair, and it brings with it more drama involving cutie marks. I’ll be honest, I like the cutie mark thing MLP has going. It’s fascinating in a lot of strange adult ways, like how a mark indicates the thing you’re good at, even if you don’t want to be good at it. What if your mark is in being an amazing prostitute? That would suck–literally. But you know what, the world needs prostitutes, and I don’t judge. I mean, the money is probably pretty good if that one Nickelback song is to be believed.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah! Okay, so the crux of this issue is the daughter of a rich girl is visiting the first CMC weekend trip to see if she can get her cutie mark. The problem is, her dad wants it in something…important. She’s got a family name to live up to! Probably lots of money and stocks and corruption behind the scenes as her dad funds Trump but only secretly since he’s actually ashamed as all fuck by his shitty way of talking. Dude thinks Japan has samurai that can shoot down missiles. Fuckin’ idiot.

She’s not enthused by this trip, is what I’m saying.

And you know what? That conflict is fucking solid! It opens up more interpretation to the cutie mark, and even without the butt tattoo, it still a compelling story. Parents want their kids to succeed in things their kids might not give two shits and a wank about, and that’s a conversation worth having, ya know? I majored in fucking English for fucks’ sake. You think my parents were happy about that? That big college fund saved up so I could be a doctor or some shit pissed away on Oxford Commas and Shakespeare.

I dig this issue goddamnit!

I mean, in typical MLP:FiM fashion it wraps up a bit too fast, but the ending is cute. That’s all I really want.

On the art front, it’s…passable. I’ve seen Garbowska do better work. There are some great facial expressions, and there are some nice panels to be found, but some awkward faces and bad angles poke through. It’s fine. I’d like better given the property, but fine is fine. I had fun.

MLP:FiM #60 is pretty good. I had a lot of fun, and behind the silly story is something way more compelling than it has any right to be. Also there’s some cute stuff what does things. It’s ponies. Enjoy or don’t; I don’t care.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #60


Final Score



  • Compelling story involving tattoos on the butt
  • Scootaloo is pretty cute
  • Everything is pretty cute really
  • It's fucking MLP


  • Artwork has been better
  • Wraps up a little too fast
  • Comedy third thing

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