Nightwing #16 Review

Posted March 1, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by:  Tim Seeley

Art by: Javier Fernandez

Publisher: DC Comics

Trouble comes to Bludhaven, and I am not talking about a little trash talker Damian Wayne!

Tim Seeley continues his fun run on Nightwing.  And this is particularly evident here, as our second favorite boy in blue (some would argue that point!) deals with the turmoil that happened after he returned home. And to make matters worse, as he was having a good night busting up some low level criminals, one and only Damian Wayne decides to crash the party. The dynamic between Dick and Damian was always a catalyst to hilarity and that doesn’t stop here. Reason why Damian decides to come to Bludhaven is funny enough, but his consistent you could say nagging, and just not dropping the topic with Dick, is just great. They had a fantastic dynamic back in 09 when Batman and Robin launched with Damian as Robin the first time, and Dick as Batman, and having throwbacks to that run is always fun as well! Seeley knows these characters, especially Dick Grayson, as he was working on the character on Grayson and it’s awesome to see he did not lose any touch with the character here.

Javier Fernandez art is very nice as well, especially in the eyes under the masks, there are some really cool little subtle things that he does, especially between the spar between Damian and Dick. Another cool thing that Javier manages to do is to make Bludhaven into a character in itself, as to me at least Bludhaven is as important of city as Gotham or Metropolis, and seeing it portrayed in this way, is always great. There are some spots that the art looks a little bit faded, but I don’t know if that is stylistically meant to look like that, so it would be unfair to take too many points on that aspect of it. Fluidity of Dick’s acrobatic moves is always portrayed really well here, and nothing looks like a static shock, or a pin up, so fans of action have a lot to look forward to here.

This issue deals really with several issues, first just Damian/Dick dynamic, and second is what begins the new arc of this book, and something I am not going to spoil here. Let’s just say it’s big and it looks we have a new villain in town. I love the color schematic of his costume as well, and the fans of Nightwing will know why! (enough said!) If there is anything that could be said negatively about this book, and for a big part it does feel a bit like a filler, especially at the beginning, but anytime that we have an interesting dynamic growing between the characters, and when we find out even subtle things about them, to me that is always progressing the plot.

Overall this book is honestly not for everyone, but if you are a fan of Nightwing or Bat Family in general, do pick it up, it is worth reading, it was never meant to be on a grand scale like some other books in Rebirth line, this book is more about self discovery and so far Seeley has hit all the right notes, as Nightwing continues trying to correct the wrongs that have happened ever since the events of Forever Evil. That’s really where the biggest strength of this book lies for the fans of this character, is that of all the characters, I could say Batman excluded, is Nightwing is just back to being old school Dick Grayson, and there is nothing wrong with that!

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