Nightwing #17 Review

Posted March 16, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Timothy Seeley

Art by: Javier Fernandez

Publisher: DC Comics

After the bombshell that was thrown at us in the previous issue, Damian and Dick go on a mission together!

This issue continues to deal with the continuing adversity between Damian and Dick. Seeley brings that adversity to the forefront here, especially touching on the New 52 run by Tomasi and Gleason. I believe that was a fantastic touch. It ties Rebirth to that continuity perfectly, and with very few quips from Damian, instead of a full blown description of the book.

The other part of the book deals more with Dick’s psyche, not unlike how Tom King was dealing with Bruce’s in the pages of Batman. The villain that was introduced in pages of the previous issue is fully featured here, and it was somewhat ingenious as we found out a bit of the back story of him, and his accomplice.

Where this book really shines is the relationship between Damian and Dick, that seems to have grown past pure adversity, and we can see they are seeing each other as a part of the family now, which adds another layer to their relationship.

The art is done by Javier Fernandez, and the art here is nice, even though there were some odd panels toward the final confrontation in the book. Where Fernandez shines are the little personal moments between our two heroes, especially with the facial expression and eyes. People say eyes are windows to the soul, and Fernandez opens that window wide.

With the combination of awesome characterizations in both the writing and art departments, Nightwing continues to be a book to watch. Seeing Dick Grayson grow as a character in every issue of every series he is in is always a joy. There is a reason he is as recognizable as the big three. What Seeley and Fernandez do here is capture his innocence and independence perfectly.

If you enjoy Batman characters overall, or just want an overall fun book to read, this is it. This book doesn’t try too hard to be cerebral, it knows who the core audience of the book is, and within those limits it succeeds greatly! Besides it’s always great to see Damian/Dick squabbles!

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