Packs of The Lowcountry #2 Review

Posted June 24, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: John Dudley

Art by: Don Cardenas

Publisher: Roar Comics

Werwolves. Mad Scientists. Cool Moustaches. Shenanigans. John Dudley and Don Cardenas deliver all these things and more in Packs of The Lowcountry #2, an issue that successfully continues the strong start to this series while managing to outdo its debut issue.

Two issues in the books potential protagonist, Bastion has been thrust into a world he isn’t familiar with and it is clear that he is not happy with being left in the dark. He demands answers, answers that anyone reading this book wants to know oh so dearly. In that way he very much acts as a gateway to the reader and it’s a role that suits him and the book well. The other characters all seem to accept what’s going on not really question or challenge anything that goes on in the messed up world of Packs. At first it seems that this could simply be because they are desensitized after experienceing so many acts of sheer horror in the fallout of the massive invasion of earth. As much as this is could be a contributing factor, by the end of the issue it’s pretty clear that the various team members know more than they are letting on and that perhaps they are not all as heroic as they seem.

Don Cardenas one ups his first issue showing by retaining his genre bending art while cleaning up the facial inconstancies that popped up in issue one. It is astounding how versatile his art is as he draws the various different genre styles present in this book seemingly effortlessly. The last few pages are straight horror book and drastically alter the status quo of this series. The standout moments art-wise are easily the creepy sound effects written in the gusts of wind and the horrifying last few pages that are, to put it punnily, transformative.

Of all the characters in this issue Seargent Merrel is easily the most forgettable as he is very much the stereotypic army guy, albeit with some weird moments involving chairs and passing out That being said the other characters fare much better and continue to add new revelations to their personalities. This issue takes an unexpected turn of events showing that no one is safe in this world and that this story promises no happy endings whatsoever. It’s a refreshing change from the resurrection heavy stories that make up most of mainstream comics as this truly feels like a story with serious stakes.

Two issues in, John Dudley and Don Cardenas have revealed so much about the mysterious world of Packs of The Lowcountry and those who inhabit it. Thankfully all these reveals have been met equally by new mysteries and twists that make this series engaging and entertaining. If you liked issue one, or just enjoy quality, pulse pounding, genre bending comics, then Packs Of The Lowcountry #2 is the book for you.

You can find the first three issues of Packs Of The Lowcountry on Comixology right now!

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