Prism Stalker #3 Review

Posted May 8, 2018 by Chad Waller in Comic Books
Written By: Sloane Leong
Art By: Sloane Leong
Published By: Image Comics

I came away from issue two of Prism Stalker completely enchanted. It’s wonderful. I then went into an episode of Comics Dash to talk about how wonderful it is, and my co-host Jean-luc offered a rather bubble-bursting statement: What if this turns into just another “kids in magic school?” To be sure, the second issue ended with that as a possible road to take, but I figured we wouldn’t go down it. This is a book that takes the road less traveled by!

Of course, the thing with that poem is it’s all bunk. Also Vep is going to magic school.

Which isn’t to say Prism Stalker #3 is bad–it’s not. However, it is disappointing. The core theme of being displaced, of being a refugee alien on a planet filled with monsters, is so wonderful and exciting that moving it all to magic school feels like a huge step back. I’ve seen this before in Harry Potter. I’ve seen this before in My Hero Academia. It’s a student who is okay at what she does surrounded by things she doesn’t understand which gives the teachers reason to exposition concepts at us. Vep is our reader stand-in.

And you know what? I like both of those things. Harry Potter is awesome, and so is My Hero Academia. But those properties didn’t open selling something they aren’t. We all knew going in we were getting magic school. Prism Stalker opened with something … well, unique. I was in for a surrealist horror story ala Underwinter, not Harry Potter with tinges of body horror.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like most of the new magicy concepts, either. Some I’ve seen before, others are just dreary. There are a few clunky conversations devoted to them, too.

On the plus side, the artwork is still phenomenal, and I love the use of coloring. Even the lettering gets a chance to sparkle. The body horror is also still on point, though there is less threat this go around. Magic school means teachers, which means rules and regulations.

Prism Stalker #3 is fine. The first two issues are amazing, and this one is fine. I’m a bit worried fine is what we’ll be getting going forward, because what started as a YA book in a world I hadn’t visited before is turning into something a bit more basic. The coat of paint is nice, and so are some of the themes, but “outsider” in magic school is different than “outsider” in an alien culture that tolerates you because they feel what might be pity but we don’t know because they’re horrid alien monsters.

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