Prometheus: Life and Death #3 Review

Posted August 9, 2016 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

Written by: Dan Abnett

Art by: Andrea Mutti and Rain Beredo

Publisher: Dark Horse

I never got around to reviewing Issue 2 of Prometheus: Life and Death, but the quick-and-dirty is I was disappointed with the direction the comic went. I felt like it took a step backwards, sending us back to LV223 where the Fire and Stone series took place instead of bringing us on a harrowing Alien-style narrative on board an alien spaceship.

Thankfully, I’ve had a month to cool down, and thankfully Galgo and Ahab are back in my life. Issue 3 of P:LaD was less like going backwards and more like revisiting old friends. I really missed these characters.

We begin where we left off, and our new immigrants to LV223 are not exactly happy. First there’s those pesky Xenomorphs which love to kill everything they see, and then there’s Ahab who they don’t trust because he’s big and scary. Also, a bunch of Predators wiped out most of their platoon in the last Life and Death run, which I suppose is enough to make you racist against Predators.


Much of Issue 3 then acts as an introduction between our old friends and our new maybe-friends (I can’t be friends with someone who hates Ahab). As a story beat, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but Galgo’s sense of humor helps make the whole thing enjoyable and seeing how everyone lives and survives on LV223 is pretty cool. I like the ramshackle huts and traps, the hand-made clothes, and the ever-sickening wildlife that the black goo forced into existence.

Also, that Engineer from before is still alive and well, and he’s up to no good!

The only downside is the generic “Are the Engineers gods?” conversation that I liked in Prometheus but am kind of sick of now that it’s appearing outside the movie. It worked there; it’s sort of boring here. It doesn’t help that the section feels a bit overly-written and goes on for too long.

Thankfully, we are then rewarded with some Xenomorph carnage.

On the art front, the comic looks pretty great. The scenery is drab and depressing, the colors mostly brown and grey. Yet there’s always just enough color to keep things from feeling too hopeless. Near the middle of the comic, there’s a nice break away from the main characters, and we’re treated to some wonderful atmosphere as we pan across a cold vista. It’s great stuff, and you can almost hear the wind blowing through the crags.

P:LaD #3 brings back my favorite bits of Fire and Stone and keeps on chugging forward. I’m really excited to see where this goes, because damn, there’s a lot left in this story.

Prometheus: Life and Death #3


Final Score



  • Brings back old friends
  • Artwork is really nice, with tons of atmosphere
  • Love seeing how LV223 has progressed since we last left it
  • Xenomorphs gonna Xenomorph


  • The old,
  • Issue focuses on character introduction more than anything else

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